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International Metaphysical Academy

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What is 'Metaphysics'?

Metaphysics is the study of mind, energy and matter, unexplainable phenomena that often are invisible to the human eye, universal laws and principles, consciousness, practical philosophy, mysticism, intelligence, spirituality, our existence and the purpose of all forms of life.

What we do

We support, educate and facilitate the personal advancement of all individuals who are sincerely seeking knowledge, spiritual growth, inner contentment and meaning. We promote the exchange of information and provide new knowledge, assisting people to transition to a universal spirituality.

A major focus is on strengthening one's ability to discern between spiritual hype and information that is based upon grounded spirituality and thus of real value. We encourage individual thinking and personal accountability while facilitating the application of acquired knowledge to current life issues.

We have been successful encouraging behavioral change through the expanded knowledge of applied metaphysical approaches for over twenty years.

How we do it

We offer high-quality, unique, one-year study programs for anyone who is committed to the acquisition of universal knowledge. In addition, we offer down-to-earth metaphysically-based leadership coaching and counseling with the overall theme of applied 'practical philosophy'.

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