Theobald and Manuela

Who is Theobald? Next to numerous other resources we reference spiritual information provided by a Spiritual Teacher in the Beyond by the name of 'Theobald'. He is one of a kind. He has the permission and the ability to retrieve all of his information from a source which he refers to as 'The Multidimensional Brain', a source which is directly connected with the Akasha Chronic. We share the information without any personal editing, changes or opinions, unless we identify them as such. His purpose is to give only correct information and to give those who are searching for Truth, direction and assistance in their lives.

Theobald makes it very clear that he is NOT a fortune-teller and that his contributions are not meant to serve sensationalism, exploitation, or any other need for currently popular and superficial Spirit entertainment. We learned that any information that is given to us does not interfere with any karmic or other learning processes, but is given to us as help, reference and/or guidance.

Who is Manuela? Manuela is a woman in her sixties who lives with her family near Vienna, Austria. Since early childhood she has had the ability to deal with the Spirit World, but only in the past 30 years has she been the exclusive medium for Theobald. Manuela writes non-stop sentences about each subject. She writes the transmitted messages backwards and upside down. The contact from the Beyond was initiated by the Beyond. Theobald wants us to know that God has chosen this medium for her special task since eternity and that Manuela is Theobald's only Channel.

Manuela does not counsel people or give any personal advice. She serves strictly as a channel. Students of the transmitted information, who have made comparisons with many other spiritually transmitted messages from the Beyond, have come to the conclusion that the quality, consistency and simplicity of the material by far surpasses previously recorded documentation.

Theobald: 17.09.2001 The Path of God "If the path to God would be exquisitely pretty, nice and easy – and one would be sitting on a silk blanket, surrounded by gold and glitter while being blessed with divine music and bliss – everyone would be on it and the negative forces would have won their game. The path to God, however, is filled with tests, as well as - at times - with long detours. Only those who have faith are willing to take it. All others prefer to take a shortcut – and go directly to the negatives' side. It is easy to eat the porridge, when it is deliciously cooked and served. It is hard, however, when one has to plant the seed first for growing the grain."