About Us

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  • We believe in a singular essence, for humans incomprehensible and undefinable, which evolved into the creation of the Universe(s) and all life, visible and invisible. We use the term 'God', as it simplifies this reference. It may be replaced by other terms such as the Divine, Spirit, Elohim, Father/Mother God, All That Is, Supreme Intelligence, Source, Creator, or any other term that one chooses to use.
  • This God is truly the Almighty. 'He' consists of pure spirit energy, light, love and truth. This God is eternal, non-material, unchanging, unique and the sovereign of good and justice.
  • Even though man is incapable of comprehending and defining God, he can - within his limited human capacity - develop and nurture a personal relationship with 'Him'.
  • God loves every human equally.
  • Man is one of God's many uncountable creations with consciousness.
  • Man differs from animals through his unique consciousness, his free will, his tasks and his recognition of values and morals.
  • We acknowledge the existence of negative forces with their unrecognized enormous power, which continue to hinder, interfere with, confuse and misdirect humans.
  • All creations in their nature are an essential part of God and therefore consist not only of physical matter but as well of spiritual energy.
  • God determines life and the timing of the transition of the human soul.
  • The development and evolution of spiritual consciousness is never-ending.
  • The purpose of life on this planet - as in the rest of this entire Universe - is the completion of the Soul/Spirit for the return to God (the essence, to all that is) through schooling and learned lessons.
  • God created the Laws of the Universe, including the Laws of Nature.
  • Karma, the most complex of all laws, the Law of Cause and Effect, is a overall governing law. It is multidimensional and cannot be fully comprehended by man.
  • God provided man freedom of will and action so that he can determine and create his life himself.
  • Man has been given the gift of full accountability, an essential part of the Law of Karma, the ultimate combination of love and justice. Karma is not, as some humans believe, God's malicious invention.
  • No one else can - or could ever - do the work and fulfill the task for someone else or 'save' anyone.
  • We believe there are many paths to God, some that are quick and some with detours. A wide variety of information through spiritual or metaphysical scriptures and other sources are helpful, educational and thought provoking. However, education alone is not enough. We need to act accordingly as well.
  • We recognize that the spiritual path is challenging and at times confusing and difficult. There are many tests. Only through our learning, our actions AND our unshakable faith will we move closer to All That Is, God, returning to our original home.

    What We Genuinely Attempt to Live By:

Throughout history humans have broken rules, agreements, commitments, promises, vows and oaths, even those that are well meant. Given our track record, we have come to the realization that we may need to be more conscious, honest and humble without promises. We recommend clearly identifying one's personal values and principles and to make a sincere commitment to do the best possible in any situation. Since we also recognize that world peace starts from within, we offer core guidelines and areas of focus for reflection and consideration:

  • Respecting the rights of all life
  • Telling the truth
  • Treating ourselves and others with dignity, kindness and consideration
  • Focusing our thoughts and actions on progress and solutions
  • Refraining from any type of war – including offences - and entering into discussions and dialogue towards peaceful agreements, collaboration and cooperation
  • Keeping our word
  • Developing our intuition
  • Strengthening our ability to love and serve others without any other agenda
  • Having unshakable faith in a universal Divine order and plan