What is Metaphysics?

When two philosophers are having a discussion and don't understand one another, it's called Metaphysic, and if they don't understand themselves what they are talking about is called 'Higher Metaphysic'."

This rather biting comment from Voltaire illustrates how much Metaphysics was valued throughout the past centuries, in particular during the time of the “Aufklärung” (Age of Enlightenment). It also did not help that philosophers typically created their own terminology to add to everyone’s confusion. The term Metaphysics has been used for a long time. It was already used by the Greek (meta ta physica: beyond physics) to describe uncommon physical phenomena after Aristotle’s observations and insights.

Man’s existential core questions about himself, his purpose and meaning, if there is a God and other life in the Universe have been pondered forever by most cognitively-oriented philosophies, religions, sciences, and mysticisms. All have been using the term “Metaphysics” in order to position their theories into an arena of understanding beyond “normal” measurement and comprehension. Their theories therefore belonged to the issues of belief, faith and/or speculation.

This has now changed. The beginning of this radical change can be found at the end of the 19th century, when various scientists demanded scientifically founded methodologies with logical consistency, measurability, predictability and the ability for reproduction. During the past century Sheldrake, Capra, Bohr, Wheeler, von Neumann, John Mack, Buckminster Fuller, and of course, Einstein, and several others will be remembered forever for their unique contributions in this regard.

Modern Metaphysics is comprised of complex interconnections of many scientific disciplines including psychology, mathematics, parapsychology, cosmology, PSI and consciousness research. It is the study of the mind, energy and matter, unexplainable phenomena that are often invisible to the human eye, universal laws and principles, intelligence, spirituality, consciousness, man’s existence and the purpose of all life. Metaphysics has become a part of a terrain, which pushes through new ground with new paradigms, terminology and discovery, requiring constant expansion of knowledge and re-definition. It is truly for the open-minded.

Metaphysical Science today is exciting and stimulating. Through accessing universal knowledge it significantly enhances spiritual education and consciousness expansion and – through the application of this knowledge into everyday life – allows for inner contentment, purpose and meaning.

By Anneli Driessen PhD, PhD, MCC