Module 300

Module 300

Taking an in-depth look at religions and spiritual societies.

In our 300 series of study, we’ll be taking a look at all the different levels of our physical and spiritual bodies, religious and spiritual movements across the world, then move on to a study of sects, cults, meditation and finally – the point of it all – informed and joyful living.


Part 1: What new information do we now have about Auras and Chakras that makes them so fascinating?

  • Aura injuries, ignorance and the development of blockages
  • Aura protection and cleansing
  • What is the “Third Eye”?


Part 2: How can we recognize and unblock implants from negative powers? In this section, we uncover all kinds of implants from the beginning of life on earth, including:

  • Positive and negative Implants through suggestions
  • The Suction Principle, types of blockages, and how to remove them
  • Flexible Implants, Self-Runners, Forced and Self-induced Implants


Parts 3-4: We dive into religions of the worlds, from ancient mythology to alternative spirituality. What are the constants of all major religions and why is the practice of religion important to mankind?

  • Overview of the world’s major religions
  • Sects and cults
  • Exploring the leading edge of human consciousness, God and the future of the universe


Parts 5-6: Now that we know about the great world’s religions, we analyze and contrast the specifics between them, addressing:

  • Influences of the Church including the subject of God, the Bible, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit
  • The historical connections between Islam and Christianity
  • Buddhism and Hinduism in comparison to other World Religions


Parts 7-8: What is it that fascinates us about secret societies?* We  
take a peak inside the history and present day society of lodges, unions, sects, Church, Illuminati, Free Masons, Scientology... and more:

  • Secret societies and the attraction of sects
  • The History of the Illuminati and the Vatican’s Alliances
  • The powers of the world, and goals and strategies of the New World Order

*This information is important in the stimulation of collective intentions and thoughts towards finding a common path to eliminate negativity and create peace, so that our quality of life can be enhanced and maintained. 


Parts 9-10: The pursuit of happiness and joyful living—isn’t this was life is truly about? If so, why do we frequently find this place so difficult to obtain? We look into:

  • Scientific findings about happiness and contentment from Psychology and Neuroscience
  • Dealing with extreme stress situations
  • Morphic and morphogenetic Fields to find "Spirit Matter"


Part 11: What is the influence of man on nature? Can we deeply communicate with animals? How the Law of Resonance connects us all.

  • The special purpose of animals and how we can consciously communicate
  • Catastrophes, epidemics and crimes to creatures
  • Man, animals and nature - The Law of Resonance


Part 12: Summary, overview and application of knowledge. We complete, review and appreciate what we’ve learned.

  • Individual Summary Presentations
  • Application of Universal Knowledge to your personal and professional Life
  • Appreciations and Acknowledgements

CELEBRATION and Certificates!