What are Indigo and Crystal Children?

What are Indigos?

The name 'Indigo' is derived from observations of biofields, also referred to as aura. Each of us has an electromagnetic field which surrounds and supports the physical body. Within this field are the various 'life colors' we carry. Before 1965, the color indigo was not found to be a color in the human biofield and very few people carried this color. Indigo Children, however, are a next step in our evolution. They are a transitional generation. They are a bridge to the next plane of our collective human experience, in which it is understood that spirituality is fundamental to human nature. The Indigos are aware that they are a particle of God, their Spirit-Self, which exists within all of us and connects us all. Theobald has said, “Indigo Children are children that are born inside an indigo-yellowish colored aura. That’s why they have that name. They are very difficult to discipline and don’t accept any type of authority. Therefore, it is also impossible to fit these children into a normal track.”

What are Crystals? Theobald has said: “Crystal Children are children of the rainbow. They take their life’s task very seriously. They want to carry God’s light into the world. Their (unique) talents are to disentangle stuck and bogged-down situations. They are on Earth to help loosen and ease those situations. They know they are godly. Their special characteristics are their eyes. They can look directly into the soul. When these children are brought up with intuition they can read thoughts. They have contact with nature-beings and the elements. Harmony is of utmost importance to them.”

Common misconceptions about Indigos and Crystals Indigos do not 'turn into' or 'evolve' into Crystals. One is not a 'higher' form than the other. They are separate types of highly enlightened souls that ultimately work toward the same purpose and goal. Indigo and Crystal Children have no unique cell structures (DNA) as speculated by some. Their DNA is the same as that of all other humans.

The International Metaphysical Academy (IMA) offers special in-depths seminars as well as consulting/counselling about these children, their unique needs and future tasks to their teachers and family members.