Module 400

Module 400

We continue to examine the world of the Metaphysical, this time from the perspective of emotional connectivity to ourselves, others, and even other-worldly souls and beings.

Part 1: How to make sense of the invisible realm of thoughts, feelings and emotions in this life -- and beyond.

  • The inner soul as a storehouse of consciousness and God’s light
  • Managing human feelings, negative emotions and blockages
  • Universal knowledge, luminous manifestations, the Fifth Dimension, and equipping for the times ahead


Part 2: What we can learn from the Egyptian Federation and White Brotherhood of God’s Light.

  • ‘Executive Board’ and Divine Ordinations


  • Money and material goods as God-given gifts
  • The power of knowledge in man's everyday life


Part 3: Unlocking the mysteries of Indigo and Crystal Children

  • What are the characteristics of Indigo and Crystal Children?
  • How can we best guide Indigos Crystals in preparation for current and future tasks?
  • Working to encourage, support and coach parents and their teachers to nurture their Indigo or Crystal’s unique gifts.


Part 4: How to prepare our children and grandchildren for the New Reality

  • The Connection between Autism, ADHS, Epilepsy and Indigo and Crystal Children and their special gifts and talents
  • The importance of knowledge in combating deception, manipulation and other crimes
  • Artificial Intelligence research and the downloading of human brain


Part 5: Understanding Satan’s separation from God – from Genesis to the final battle

  • Satan, Demons and other Negative Powers
  • The Foundation of Satanism, Kyron, and protection from negative energies
  • The vulnerability of teenagers and young adults


Part 6: Truths and insights into God’s own continuous evolution and research into His own creation, including

  • Consciousness expansion and recognition of truth
  • Intellectual knowledge and wisdom in the conscious and sub- conscious mind
  • Confidence and trust in God; contentment, poverty and spiritual wealth


Part 7: What we now know about suicides, accidents and murder victims

  • The power of suicidal thoughts, karma, and the soul’s suffering after suicide
  • Negative love and influences through excessive attention and thoughts
  • >Murder from a Karmic perspective


Part 8: Grappling with abortions from the perspective of the beyond, we will discuss:

  • The experience of death through abortions
  • Communication with the embryo and karmic connections
  • Forgiveness and judgment


Part 9: We delve into the amazing secrets of time travel, Atlantis, the Pyramids and entrances to the center of the earth

  • The first inhabitants of Atlantis, their special assignment, and why Atlantis sank
  • The fascinating connections between the continents, chakras, crystals, and consciousness levels
  • The origin of the Pyramids, Black Stone of Mecca, Krishna, Easter Island, and underground cities, stations, and laboratories around the Earth


Part 10: We discuss the era of human cloning, artificial insemination, and the creation of beings throughout the universe

  • Extraterrestrial rays, resonance and the workings of the morphogenetic field
  • The Aura as a power field and charging cells with God energy inhabited spheres
  • The fundamental law of love and cooperation


Part 11: Understanding the New World Order through Yin and Yang

  • Finding a deeper understanding of the Yin-Yang principle
  • The role of the Fourth and Fifth Dimension and strategies of the New World Order
  • Enlightenment as cleansing process


Part 12: Putting Metaphysics 400 into perspective through consciousness expansion and the realization of Truth

  • Current research with hallucinogens and holographic thinking
  • The difference between ‘Designer Humans’ and Clones
  • Attraction to elitism and thought manipulation
  • More about Thought Power

We end this session with a special message for Graduates of Module IV and Certificates of Completion.