What is Metaphysical Counseling and Coaching?

Current scientific research can no longer hold up its proclamation that contact and communication with other levels of life in the universe is fraudulent or simply a figment of one’s imagination. Sincere and credible scientists now conclude that there is other life in the universe. They recognize the facts of an intelligent design and order to the cosmos governed by precise laws and principles which have been taught by philosophers and mystics for many centuries.

Man, in fact, is multidimensional in his or her nature and consists of multiple layers of course and subtle matter (magma and plasma).

Personal growth, advancement and the individual’s learning and healing processes therefore also occur on those different levels. They are not, however, always visible, recognizable or even comprehensible to the human eye.

To work responsibly with individuals on these multiple levels requires a solid background in traditional approaches to counseling and coaching, in addition to down-to-Earth, grounded knowledge of and education in metaphysics and its practical application.

The qualified faculty members and the certified Metaphysical Counselors and Coaches of the International Metaphysical Academy provide these services to individuals. The International Metaphysical Academy guarantees the highest standards of competencies as well as ethics.

For information about the certification opportunities through the Curriculum’s Graduate Program™, receiving metaphysical counseling and coaching, or any other metaphysically oriented services please contact:
Dr. Anneli Driessen PhD, PhD, MCC