Module 100

module 100


In this twelve-part overview of Metaphysics, we’ll provide a firm foundation for our in-depth studies.

Part 1: How can we get through the confusion of our times with clarity? Beginning with a definition of metaphysics, we move forward to discuss significant spiritual and historical insights, using ancient and contemporary resources.

  • The necessity of spiritual education in this century
  • Consciousness expansion and critical thinking
  • The purpose of knowledge


Part 2: What is life without death? In Part 2 we answer age-old questions, explore the fascinating transition of the soul into the spiritual world:

  • The dying process of the human body
  • Revelations about the mortality of the body and the eternal living soul
  • Organ donation, assisted suicide, euthanasia, and psychogenic death


Part 3: Is it possible there is a parallel universe? Together, acquire a game plan for our soul’s journey -- investigating scientific principles, historic texts and teachings to better understand this concept.

  • Understanding the physical and spiritual journey through the tunnel and beyond
  • The parallel universe as an illusion of our desires
  • Steps and levels of consciousness stages of the soul


Part 4: What do we know about karma today and how does it benefit us? This ancient concept has been a part of humankind for tens of thousands of years. We’ll look at:

  • The laws of karma and the purpose of life
  • The contradiction of free will verses destiny
  • Understand the reliable, consistent and unerring universal laws


Part 5: Can we make informed choices about channels and mediums? Can one learn to become a medium? If so, how exactly does contact from the beyond work? This enlightening study includes:

  • The variety of medial activities and their dangers
  • What is necessary to establish an optimal connection with the beyond
  • How mediums and spirit guides can serve us


Part 6: What is consciousness expansion and advanced spirituality? What are the characteristics of an “enlightened” person? What is the role of faith in consciousness expansion? We’ll explore:

  • Spiritual recognition processes
  • Learning to distinguish between human and spiritual intelligence
  • The difference between higher and God consciousness


Part 7: What are souls and what are they made of? Beginning with where the soul is located, we’ll move on to access new information about the existence of souls. We’ll also gain a heightened awareness of relationships with ourselves and others, including:

  • Soul families, soul constellations, divisions, and degrees
  • The deeper purpose of meeting our partners, children, neighbours, colleagues, and friends
  • Spiritual maturity


Part 8: How we understand and utilize the roles of soul and spirit. This session will focus on the magnitude of spirit in its many forms across history and philosophy, plus

  • How does Spirit operate and how can we utilize it?
  • How cosmic energy mass is divided
  • What are the roles of protective spirits, Holy Spirit, spirit guides, and earth-bound spirits?


Part 9: What are High and Ascended masters? We’ll study their meaning, tasks and purposes across history and acquire important distinctions for our caution and protection.

  • What are the results when humans tune into their vibrations?
  • Who are St. Germain, Vywamus, Kryon, Enoch, Metatron, and the Goddesses Maia and Gaia?
  • Are their multi-dimensional universes?


Part 10: Recognizing and reconciling God, his intentions, and universal knowledge. Getting to the heart of the huge universal questions of life and humanity, we’ll gain access to privileged secret information such as:

  • The Meaning of Life here and the beyond
  • The fundamentals of all spiritual force
  • The causal plane and the multidimensional brain

Parts 11-12: Year-end review of all Metaphysics 100 module parts to complete our study, including:

  • How to apply the knowledge of the beyond to everyday living
  • Freedom through Forgiveness
  • The Collective Task of Mankind and the rise of this New Era

We celebrate our completion of our year of study with a special meditation followed by Certificates of Completion of International Metaphysical Academy.