Why Metaphysical Education?

As recent polls have shown that more and more individuals are searching for Truth in their Spiritual Quest. Our Metaphysical Academy offers assistance in this quest for knowledge and truth.

Our goals are to support, educate and facilitate the personal and spiritual advancement of all individuals who are sincerely seeking knowledge. We encourage individual thinking and accountability, and we encourage and assist people to apply the acquired knowledge to real personal life issues. One of our key goals is to strengthen one's ability to discern between spiritual hype and information that is of real value.

We accomplish this goal mainly through providing individual spiritual coaching and guidance, local study groups, public lectures and a metaphysical academic curriculum.

Our groups provide a safe and supportive environment without dogma, doctrine or rituals. The study texts include everything from ancient scriptures, current publications, and scientific reports to medially transmitted information. Our contribution is education, teaching, self-evaluation and spiritual self-development.

What we all have in common is our genuine search for truth, our commitment to ethical principles, personal full accountability and our belief in a singular God. And! Our work does not prevent participants from their personal involvement with their Church or any other religious or spiritual practice.

We offer:

  • A safe, loving, and supportive learning environment with no dogma, doctrine, rituals, or prayer groups
  • Privileged access to higher spiritual information
  • Deeper understanding of the purpose of our life
  • Peace of mind and serenity
  • Identification of spiritual needs and responsibilities
  • Information on what happens after this life
  • Opportunity to make a meaningful contribution
  • More complete understanding of key global issues
  • Personal assistance, advice, and direction
  • Individual spiritual coaching and guidance
  • Certification as "Metaphysical Teacher"