Module 500

Module 500


In this final module of our incredible Metaphysical journey, we assess quantum theory and the human and spiritual aspects of Universal Knowledge as we review practical philosophies for everyday living and the future.

Part 1: How we can use what we know of the universe to responsibly materialize wishes, orders and desires?

  • Our mega computer brains and their relationship to consciousness
  • Thoughts as energy/ thoughts as mirrors
  • The soul’s Contract with God


Part 2: How do we experience life after the physical death?

  • Overview of Quantum Theory and Quantum Mechanics
  • Clinical death and life as a continuation of further development
  • The Difference between vibrations, frequencies and waves


Parts 3 and 4: We plunge into self-worth, the achievement of goals, and personal responsibility.

  • The spiritual balance between soul, mind and body
  • The 4 key universal laws for the achievement of objectives
  • Blockages and understanding governing mental laws

Parts 5 and 6: Unlocking key strategies for critical versus intuitive thinking

  • 10 common dogmas of contemporary science and rational thinking
  • Changing beliefs about reality through Metaphysical knowledge
  • Critical Thinking and faith, evil and suffering


Parts 7 and 8: How we’ve come to understand possessions, spells and personality disorders

  • What are spirit possessions, negative attachments, spiritual parasites, and how do they occur?
  • What is the connection to personality and perception disorders?
  • What we can learn from sudden death experiences?

Parts 9 and 10: The truths behind ancient and contemporary Shamanism and the retrieval of lost souls and soul pieces

  • Exploring the difference between Shamanism and religion
  • Authentic Shamanic practices, tools, rites, and powers
  • Modern, New Age and Neo-Shamanism


Parts 11 and 12: Putting it all together - Celebration with Special Guests

  • Finding true self and universal love
  • Review of all modules with updates and addendums
  • Individual presentations by all participants

Completion and CELEBRATION!


Certificate of Completion of all 5 Metaphysics Modules from the International Metaphysical Academy