Metaphysics 100

Introduction to Metaphysics 100 – Parts 1 to 12

Metaphysics 100 – Part 1
History of the International Metaphysical Academy

What is 'Metaphysics'?
Reframing, Consciousness Expansion and Critical Thinking
Why the Spiritual World initiates Contact with Humans
How does this Contact Occur
Resources and References
Universal Knowledge for one's Individual Advancement
The Necessity of Spiritual Education in this Century
Orientation into Skillful Familiarization with the Secrets of Life and the Universe, which were Released to Mankind in this Century
The Importance of Trust in oneself, in a Superior Intelligence and Power (or God) and Creation
The Mandate of the Universal Metaphysical Academy
The Importance of Spiritual Knowledge, Insights and Realizations as Foundation for a Successful Future

Metaphysics 100 – Part 2
Basic Knowledge about Death and the Transition to the Beyond

The Dying Process of the Human Body
Leaving the Earthly Body
Transition of the Soul into the Spiritual World
Behavior during Transition into the Beyond
Revelations about the Mortality of the Body and the Eternal Living Soul
Making our Transition into the Beyond with Ease and Joy
Organ Donation, Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia, Death Penalty, Psychogenic Death, the Delpasse-Effect and latest NDE Research

Metaphysics 100 – Part 3
The Parallel World - Steps and Levels

One’s Journey through the Tunnel in the Beyond
How does life go on?
What happens next?
What is the Parallel World
Where is the Parallel World located
What does one learn there
What tasks need to be fulfilled
The Importance of the Parallel World to me
The Parallel World as an Illusion of our Desires
Can I go to the Parallel World intentionally
Choices and Learning Opportunities in the Beyond
Steps and Levels of Consciousness Stages of the Soul's Purification Process
What is "Paradise"

Metaphysics 100 - Part 4
Karma and Incarnation

What is "Karma"? - New information about Karma
Karma and learning as irrevocable processes
Man’s free will and destiny – a contradiction?
Purpose of Life
The laws of Karma
Can someone take on my Karma, take it away or assist to neutralize it?
Can I select my specific Karma, where it is going to be fulfilled and how?
Who or what determines my Karma? - Three kinds of Karma
Karma plus and Karma minus
What is national Karma, children's Karma and "bad" Karma?
How can I best fulfill my Karma and learning processes?
Forgiveness - A part of karmic fulfillment

Metaphysics 100 – Part 5 Mediumship
The Process of Channeled Transmissions

Can one learn to become a Medium?
Why can Mediums not ask anything for or about themselves?
New information about the physiological processes of a Medium
How, exactly, does the contact with the Beyond occur?
What is necessary to establish an optimal connection with the Beyond?
How does a genuine Medium earn its qualification and quality?
What is the difference between channeled and automatic writing?
The variety of medial activities and their dangers
Do the Spirit Guides, which all individuals can contact, have the same kinds of channels as Mediums?
How can everyone contact their own Spirit Guide?
Guidelines for selecting a genuine and quality Medium and establishing contact with the Beyond

Metaphysics 100 – Part 6
Spiritual Recognition Processes

What are “spiritual recognition processes”?
How do we learn spiritually?
What does “consciousness expansion” really mean?
New information about the first and second “Self” and their connection to our conscious and unconscious mind
The proper use of thought
The role of “faith” for consciousness expansion
What are the characteristics of an “enlightened” person?
How can I become truly enlightened and reach higher consciousness while in my human body?
What are my first steps?
What is the difference between human and spiritual intelligence?
What is the difference between higher and God consciousness?

Metaphysics 100 – Part 7
Soul Families and Other Soul Constellations

What are “Souls” and what are they made of?
Where is the Soul located?
New information about the existence of Souls
Soul families Surnames of Soul families based on vibration
Soul splitting and Soul separation
Soul constellations, divisions and degrees
Soul polarization
Original Soul, Main Souls, Mother Souls, Soul Parts, Twin Souls, You Souls, Dual Souls, Partial Souls, Soul Shreds, Shreds of Soul Shreds, etc. as well as Individual Souls, Wander Souls, old and new Souls
The deeper purpose of meeting our partners, children, neighbours, colleagues and friends
The Soul’s learning process
Spiritual maturity
Prerequisites for spiritual teachers

Metaphysics 100 – Part 8
SPIRIT and Spirits - Spirits, Spirit Guides, Protective Spirits and more…

Where is Man’s Spirit located?
What is the Spirit?
What is the difference between Soul and Spirit?
How does Spirit work?
How the cosmic energy mass is divided
What are the roles of Protective Spirits, Spirit Guides and various Helper Spirits?
What are Element Spirits, or Nature Spirits, such as Fairies, Elves, Dwarfs and Gnomes?
What are Teaching Spirits, Healing Spirits, Walk-in Spirits, Teasing Spirits and Earth-bound Spirits?
What is the “Holy Spirit”?
The magnitude of Spirit
The seed of Love

Metaphysics 100 – Part 9
High and Ascended Masters

The origin of the High and Ascended Masters
What is their role and purpose?
What are their tasks?
Can negative forces use them?
If yes, how can we recognize this?
What are the results when humans tune into their vibrations?
Who are St. Germain, Vywamus, Kryon, Enoch, Metatron, and the Goddesses Maia and Gaia?
New information about the most well-known and revered High and Ascended Masters
The sequence of the Masters’ names
God, Gods, blasphemers, and those confused and removed from reality
The existence of uncountable and multidimensional Universes
What is the “White Brotherhood of God’s Light”?
The history and special task of the White Brotherhood of God’s Light

Metaphysics 100 – Part 10
God and His Intentions – How to Deal with Universal Knowledge

What is Life?
New information about energy
Fundamentals of all spiritual laws
Why are there no memories of previous lives?
The difference between hope and expectation
Roots of barriers and blockages
What is the 'Beyond'?
What is the 'Multidimensional Brain'?
What is the 'Causal Plane'?
Connecting channels
The spiritual force of thoughts
Releasing negative imprints and blockages

Metaphysics 100 – Parts 11-12
Summary, Review of all Module Parts
and Completion

Year-end Retrospection with Qs and As
Personal Year-end Review
Benefits and application of the knowledge from the Beyond for everyday living
Freedom through Forgiveness
Introduction to The Egyptian Federation
The Collective Task of Mankind - The Rise of  New Era
Appreciation and Acknowledgements

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Certificates for the Completion of Metaphysics 100