Metaphysics 200

Curriculum Outline Metaphysics 200

Metaphysics 200 – Part 1
The Genesis of Man, a Revolutionary New Discovery

The Actual Story of Mankind
What/Who we are
The Original and New Planet Earth
Intelligent Life
Cosmic Order
The Meaning of the Story of Adam and Eve
How Man was “Made”
Man’s Build
The Golden Cut (Ratio) Principle throughout the Universe
Intelligence, Spirit and Instinct
Advantages through the Application of Universal Knowledge

Metaphysics 200 – Part 2
Extraterrestrials and UFOs

Latest Findings about Life in the Universe
What are UFOs?
Information about the Roswell Incident
Visitors from other Planets
Why they come here
Positive and Negative Extraterrestrials
Dangers of Ignorance
Incarnated Extraterrestrials from other Planets
Life in the Center of the Earth
Common Character Traits of Incarnated Humans and those Visiting from other Planets

Metaphysics 200 – Part 3
Energy Depletion, Production and Maintenance

Information about Human Energies
The Composition of Spiritual Energy
Energy Thieves and Energy Vampires
Protecting our Energy Different Forms of Energy and their Strengths and Impacts
The Connection between Soul and Energy
How Thoughts work with Energy
How Positive and Negative Thinking Relate to Energy
How to successfully apply our Energies Profitably
Daily Practices

Metaphysics 200 – Part 4
Health and Illness from the Perspective of the Beyond

Messages about Illness, Health and various Foods
Vitamins and other Supplements
Foreign Organisms
The Origin of Cancer
The Secret of Mastering Cancer
The Aging Process
Frustration and Fear of Aging
Handling Aging Properly
Gaining Harmony between Body, Spirit, Soul and God
The Soul’s Healing Process
How Thoughts Influence Health
Affirmation for Optimal Health

Metaphysics 200 – Part 5
Thoughts – Intuition - Feelings

The Origin of Thoughts and Intuition
The Purpose of Thoughts Zooming Around Inside Our Heads
Thoughts: Transient or Permanent?
How Thoughts are processed
Outside Influences on Thoughts
Are Thoughts 'Real'?
Location and Storage of Memory
Thoughts of Humans, Soul and Spirit combined
The Relationship between Thoughts, Intuition and Feelings
What is 'Positive Thinking'?
Directing the Rational Mind

Metaphysics 200 – A & B
Energy Medicine – The Medicine of the Future

Subtle Energy
Review of Chakras and Auras
The Connection of Chakras and Auras to the Astral Body
Scientific Discoveries of Human Energy Fields
Kirlian Photography
Wisdom from the Shamans
Modern Shamanistic Practices
Energy Healing
Guest Presenters with Demonstrations of Various Healing Modalities such as:
Colorpunctureby Peter Mandel, Germany – Marina Powell
Dissolving Negative Imprinted Patterns with the Application of Mannequins – Henri Van Amerongen – Life Coach, Counsellor, Parksville, BC
Health Intuitive – Debbie Van Amerongen, Parksville, BC
Cosmic Gene Field Generator – by Gerold Szonn, Physicist, Austria
Jyorei Healing Treatment – by Arthur Kikuchi, Pender Island, BC
Aspects of Modern Shamanism – Anneli Driessen PHD, PHD, MCC
Criteria of a Quality Energy Practitioner

Metaphysics 200 – Parts 7-8

What is 'Falling in Love'”
Eroticism and Physical Love
Sex Trades
10 Ways to Adjust your Perspective on Sex Work
Transitional Gender and Same Sex Issues
The Energy of Love
Love and Sex
Love, Empathy and Lust
Love as Karma, Love as a Learning Process
God’s Soul
True Love, Compassion and Consciousness Expansion
Eternal Love
Successful Love Relationships

Metaphysics 200 – Part 9 
The Genesis of God

Summary of what we know about God
What, in fact, is God? Are there several Gods?
The Genesis of God
The Division of Spirit Mass
Deeper Insights into the Essence of God
The Separation of Good and Evil
God’s Transcendence
The Difference between God and the Holy Spirit
God delivers the 'Thought' of Creation
Where does God’s Name come from?
The Symmetry of Earth and the Universe
God as Energy, Universe, Cosmos, Everything
What God wants from us

Metaphysics 200 – Part 10
Nets of Channels

Mediums and Science
The Work of Mediums in this World
The Origin of Mediums
The Different Assignments of Mediums
Criteria for Distinguishing Quality Differences of Mediums
Criteria for Distinguishing Quality Differences of Spirits
The Use and Misuse of Man’s Free Will
Lead Spirits
Network of Webs and Channels
The Influence of Negative Powers
The 'Telephone Central Station'

Metaphysics 200 – Parts 11-12

Evaluation and Year-End Retrospection
Revisiting all Subjects presented with Qs and As
Review of Homework
Which Subject was most interesting to you and why?
Three Things especially important for you to have learned or reinforced
Freedom through Forgiveness
What’s next?
Appreciations and Acknowledgments
Personal Messages

CELEBRATION and CERTIFICATES from the International Metaphysical Academy for Metaphysics