Metaphysics 500

Metaphysics 500 – Part 1
Wishes – Orders – Spiritual Laws

Pre-requisites for the Effective Materialization of Wishes, Orders and Desires
The Subconscious Mind as an Unsorted Storage Container
God’s Filter System and Divine ‘Seal’
The Role of the Solar Plexus
The Human Brain as a Mega Computer and its Relationship to Consciousness
Proper Thought Selection
Thoughts as Pure Energy
Thoughts as Mirrors
Resonance Radiating from the Heart
Three Conditions for the Fulfillment of Wishes, Orders and Desires
The Language of ‘Spirit’ Self-Responsibility
The Soul’s Contract with God

Metaphysics 500 – Part 2
Life after Physical Death

Dimensions, Steps, Levels of Consciousness and Development Opportunities
What was first - The Laws of Nature or the Universe?
Overview of Quantum Theory and Quantum Mechanics
Clinical Death
Changes to one's own DNA
Family Constellation Therapies for the Removal of Blockages for Soul Healing
Life as a Continuation of Further Development
Positive and Negative Near Death Experiences
The Dimension prior to the World of the Beyond
Imposters of Light
The Difference between Vibrations, Frequencies and Waves
Phantom Pains
Near Death Experiences as God-Intended Opportunities

Metaphysics 500 – Parts 3-4
Fulfillment of Wishes

The Difference between Goals and Dreams
Twenty-Five Governing Mental Laws
Human and Divine Knowledge
Blockages through Thoughts
Self-Worth and Personal Responsibility
God's Plan
Balance Between Soul, Mind and Body
Proper Formulation of Wishes
4 Key Universal Laws for the Achievement of Goals
The Spiritual Law of Balance
Sending Wishes to the Universe:
Practical Application

Metaphysics 500 – Parts 5-6
Critical Thinking and Spiritual Discernment

What is 'Critical Thinking'
Key Characteristic of Critical Thinking
The Science Delusion - by Rupert Sheldrake
10 Common Dogmas of Contemporary Science
Changing Beliefs about Reality through Metaphysical Knowledge
Rational versus Intuitive Thinking
On 'The Banality of Evil' - by Hannah Arendt
Aspects of Evil
Protection of Privacy - by Guest Presenter Bill McCarter
Spiritual Discernment
Discernment Exercises
Critical Thinking and Faith
The Phenomena of Evil and Suffering

Metaphysics 500 – Parts 7-8
Possessions, Spells and Personality Disorders

What is Spirit Possession
Symptoms of Possessions
Conditions for Possessions
Possessions by Living Human Beings, Deceased Souls, Earth-bound Spirits and Extra-terrestrials
Demonic Possessions
Possessions by Oneself
Personality and Perception Disorders
Sudden Death Experiences
Different Types of Trances
Protection from Possessions

Metaphysics 500 – Parts 9-10
Ancient and Contemporary Shamanism and the Retrieval Of Lost Soul Pieces

History of Traditional Shamanism & Shamanic Practice
The Difference Between Shamanism and Religion
Shamanic Journeying
The Shaman's Three Worlds
Tools of Shamanic Practice: The Elements, Plants, Stones, Chanting Dancing and other Rituals
Power Animals, Ancestors, and other Spirit Guides and Teachers
The Medicine Wheel
The Three Main Causes of Illness from a Shamanic Perspective
Spirit Extraction, Spirit Releasement and Soul Loss Retrieval
The Retrieval of Lost Soul Pieces
Demonstration of Soul Loss Retrieval by Daniel Leonard, Shamanic Practitioner, Toronto, ON 
Modern, New Age and Neo-Shamanism
Preparation for Altered States of Consciousness
Criteria of Authentic Contemporary Shamanism

Metaphysics 500 – Parts 11-12
Universal Knowledge and Practical Philosophy for Everyday Living and the Future

Soul Piece Retrieval Celebration with participation of all Module V Students with Special Guests
Review of All Modules with Updates and Addendums
Questions and Answers
Individual Presentations by all Participants
Practical Philosophy for Everyday Living
Our Individual and Collective Assignment in this Century
Unique Challenges
The True Self
Universal Love

Completion and CELEBRATION!

Certificate of Completion of all 5 Metaphysics Modules from the International Metaphysical Academy