Metaphysics 300

Metaphysics 300 – Part 1

Auras and Chakras and Spiritual Implants

New Information about Auras and Chakras
What is their Purpose and Function?
Man's Body's Different Levels
Aura and Chakra Colours
Aura Injuries and the Development of Blockages
Blockages as a Result of Ignorance
Aura Protection and Cleansing
God's Chakras
The "Third Eye"
Special Affirmation

Metaphysics 300 – Part 2
Blockages and Implants and their Removal

Causes of Blockages that can Lead to Implants
Implants through Suggestions
Blockages and Implants through Ignorance
Different types of Blockages
Blockages Relating to Money
Implants from Negative Powers
Flexible Implants, Self-Runners, Forced and Self-induced Implants
The "Suction" Principle
Implants from the Beginning of Life on Earth
Implants from the Universe and from Extraterrestrials
Implants for Research
Positive Implants
Special Meditation for the Removal of Blockages and Richard's Prayer

Metaphysics 300 – Parts 3-4
Religions of the Worlds - Cults and Sects

Why be informed about World Religions?
Ancient Mythology
Characteristics of Religions
Alternative Spirituality
Overview of the Major Religions

  • Christianity - Catholicism - Protestantism
  • Islam - Sufism - Baha'i Faith - Black Muslim Movement (BMM)
  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism

Sects and Cults
Trends of Modern Spirituality - Redefining God
Exploring the Leading Edge of Human Consciousness, God and the Future of the Universe

Metaphysics 300 – Parts 5-6
New Information about the Religions of the World, Cults and Sects

God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
Jesus - Time of Recognition
Influences of the Church
The First Descendants of Mankind
Christianity - Exploitation with Diplomacy 
The Establishment of the Bible, Its Doctrines and Sacraments
Historical Connections between Islam and Christianity
Buddhism in Comparison to all other World Religions
New Information about Jesus, his Life, his Parents and the Three Wise Men 
The Symbol of the Egyptian Federation: "The Eye of Horus" - Its History and Meaning for us Today 

Metaphysics 300 – Parts 7-8
Secret Societies:

Lodges, Unions, Sects, Church, Illuminati...and their Relationship with the Reptiles

Secret Societies and their Movements
The Attraction of Sects
The Multiplicity of Life in the Universe 
How Extraterrestrials are Constructed
Who are the "Reptiles" - Their Origin and Goals
Special Assignments of Extraterrestrials
The History of the Illuminati and their Planet
Extraterrestrials with Satanic Implants
The Illuminati's influence of Sects, Artists and the Vatican
The Free Masons, Knight Templars and Rosicrucians
The Vatican's Alliances
Powers of the World
Goals and Strategies of the New World Order

This information is important in the stimulation of collective intentions and thoughts towards finding a common path to eliminate negativity and create peace, so that our quality of life can be maintained and enhanced. 

Metaphysics 300 – Parts 9-10
The Pursuit of Happiness and Joyful Living

Scientific Findings about Happiness from Psychology and Neuroscience
Happiness versus Deep Contentment
The State of "Flow" and "Focused Attention"
Joy of Life and Self-Confidence
Review of Universal Principles and Laws
Conversion and Implementation of Recognition Processes
Basics of Joy of Life - How I can Easily make Myself Happy
Dealing with Extreme Stress Situations
Joy and Zest for Life
Long and Happy Living
Meditation versus Visualization 
Positive Daydreaming
Active and Passive Meditation
Morphic and Morphogenetic Fields - Reaching "Spirit Matter"
Making a Self-Worth Contract with Myself

Metaphysics 300 – Part 11
Animals and Nature

The Difference between Human and Animal Souls
The Animals' Consciousness
Communication with Animals
The Language of Animals
Animals' Special Purpose
The Influence of Man on Nature
Catastrophes and Epidemics
Animals and the Beyond
Cloning of Animals
The Crime to Creatures
Man, Animals and Nature - and the Law of Resonance 

Metaphysics 300 – Part 12

Summary of Module III
Individual Summary Presentations
Which Subject was most interesting to you and why?
Overview of Module IV
Application of Universal Knowledge in your Personal and Professional Life
Appreciations and Acknowledgements

Certificate of Completion of Metaphysics 300 from the International Metaphysical Academy