Dr. Anneli Driessen, CEO

Dr. Anneli Driessen PhD, PhD, MSW, MEd, MCC
1516 Louise Place, Victoria BC, V8P 2T9, Canada
Tel 250-472-0909 Fax 250-721-4296



Already early in life I came to the conclusion that an all-loving God would not have any need for exclusivity and would welcome anyone with a sincere heart.

After completion of my studies in Germany I moved to Victoria BC, Canada, where I have lived since 1978.

For many years I studied Metaphysics and Practical Philosophy leading me to co-found the International Metaphysical Academy in 2009 with the spiritual world. I have dedicated my life to helping any individual who sincerely follows a deep calling for down-to-earth spiritual education and guidance.

Prior to acquiring a PhD in Metaphysical Science and a PhD in Holistic Life Coaching I had become a Clinical Counselor in private practice. I am a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a Certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach for the Self-assessment Tool SQ 21.

My overall goal is to help fill the Universe with human Souls that are pure and to co-create a Universe that is ruled by personal accountability, cooperation and freedom, and governed by love and intelligence.

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