Metaphysics 400

Metaphysics 400 – Part 1 – Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions, Life in Other Dimensions and Worlds inside Your World

The Meaning and Significance of Thoughts
Thoughts as a Force Field
The Connection between Thoughts and Auras
The Inner and Outer Soul
The Dissolving of Fine-Material Soul Molecules
The Inner Soul as a Storehouse of Consciousness
God’s Light as a Carrier of Thoughts
The Zero-Point Field and Transportation
Communication with Animals via the Zero-Point Field
Negative Emotions
Dissolving Blockages from Emotional Garbage
Human Feelings and Feelings in the Beyond
Managing Human Feelings and Emotions
God’s “Feelings” of Joy, Sadness and Indifference
The Fourth Dimension: it’s Connection to Year 2012
The Impact of the Beginning of the Fifth Dimension
Universal Knowledge: “Arming” for Times Ahead
Other Worlds inside your World
Contact with Nature Beings
The Special Assignments of Nature Spirits
Elves, Fairies, Gnomes and other Miniature Beings
The Purpose of their Invisible Existence
Luminous Manifestations of the Smallest Beings
The Origin of Fairies
Man as a Half-Intelligent Being

Metaphysics 400 – Part 2
The Egyptian Federation and the White Brotherhood of God’s Light: the God-Sent Brotherhood

The History of the Egyptian Federation
Its All-Important Mandate Today
God's Call
The Necessity of Harmony and Trust
Thought and Soul Communication
The White Brotherhood of God's Light
Who are they?
Where are they?
Their Assignments - Here and in the Beyond
Their Connection to Spirit Guides
What We Can Learn from Them
How We Can Best Solicit their Help
God's Executive Board
Divine Ordinations
Money and Material Goods as God-Given Gifts
Money and its Relationship to Universal Love
Thoughts and Mental Garbage
Man's levels of Intelligence
The Balancing of Mental Energy
The Power of Knowledge in Man's Everyday Life

Metaphysics 400 – Part 3
Indigo and Crystal Children and Adults - Unlocking their Mysteries with New Information

What are the characteristics of “Indigo” and “Crystal” Children and Adults?
What are the truths and misconceptions about these incarnations?
What are the most common mistakes their parents make?
Why are Indigo and Crystal children here now?
What should we understand about the challenges they face?
How can we encourage, support and coach parents and their teachers to nurture their Indigo or Crystal’s “uniqueness”?
How can we help Indigos and Crystals better cope with the world around them?
How can we best guide Indigos and Crystals in preparation for their important future tasks?

Metaphysics 400 – Part 4
Indigo and Crystal Children and our Future

The Connection between Autism and Indigo and Crystal Children
Their Origin and Assignments, their
Special Gifts and Talents
Artificial Intelligence Research
The Downloading of Human Brains
The Mandate of the Egyptian Federation and the Indigo and Crystal Children
The Importance of Knowledge in Combating Deception, Manipulation and other Crimes
The Kryon Movement versus the Movement of Theobald and God’s White Brotherhood
The Connection between Indigo and Crystal Children, ADHS and Epilepsy
Why their Brains are of Interest to Science
Chaos through Brain-operated Computers
The Origin of Orbs
What are ‘Galaxies’
How to Prepare our Children and Grandchildren for the New Reality

Metaphysics 400 – Part 5
God versus 'Satan' - The Final Battle

The Genesis of God and Satan
Satan’s Separation from God
Hell and Purgatory
The Lawmaker of the Universe
Satan, Demons and other Negative Powers
The Foundation of Satanism
The Vulnerability of Teenagers and Young Adults
Man’s Unlimited Consciousness
Different Kinds of Transitions to the Beyond
Connecting to God’s White Brotherhood
Protection from Negative Energies and Attacks

Metaphysics 400 – Part 6
Truths and Insights

Consciousness Expansion - Recognition of Truth
Life in the Beyond, your Home, your Future
Intellectual Knowledge and Wisdom
Conscious and Sub-conscious Mind
Truth as a Difficult Learning Process
Misconceptions of Consciousness Expansion
The Revelation of Truth from the Spirit World
The Various Levels of Consciousness of Spirits and Souls
God’s own Continuous Evolvement and Research into His own Creation
The Dangers of being Judgmental
The Limitations of the Human Brain
Confidence and Trust in God
Contentment, Poverty and Spiritual Wealth

Metaphysics 400 – Part 7
Suicides, Accidents and Murder Victims

The Power of Suicidal Thoughts
Suicide – The Disembodiment of the Soul
The Soul’s Suffering after Suicide
Karmic Effects of Suicide
The Five Dying Phases of the Suicidal Person
How to help a Suicidal Person
Suicides of Mentally Disturbed or Depressed Persons
The Power of Love
Negative Influences through Excessive Attention
Negative Love
Murder from a Karmic Perspective
The Soul’s Transition after an Accidental Death
Accidental Deaths through Thoughts
The Souls’ Dismemberment resulting from Fire and Explosions
The Death Penalty
Forgiveness and Humility

Metaphysics 400 – Part 8
Abortions from the Perspective of the Beyond

Abortions in Canada
Why Women Choose Abortions
The Experience of Death Through Abortions
Psychological Processes of the Aborting Mother
Communication with the Embryo
Karmic Connections Relating to Abortions
Artificial Insemination from the Perspective of the Beyond
The Effects of the Rape of a Mother on her Embryo
The Influences of the Embryo’s Disturbed Chakra Rotations
Effects of an Expectant Mother’s Smoking on her Embryo
Forgiveness and Judgment

Metaphysics 400 – Part 9
Secrets of Atlantis and the Pyramids

Atlantis – Our Country of Origin
The First Inhabitants of Atlantis and their Special Assignment
Why Atlantis sank
The Connection between the Continents, Chakras and Consciousness Levels
The Origin of the Pyramids, how they were Built and their Functions
Secrets Hidden from the General Public
Underground Cities, Stations and Laboratories
Entrances to the Center of the Earth
Dematerialization, Time Travel and Initiations
Information about the Nazca Lines, Loch Ness, the Bermuda Triangle, the Black Stone of Mecca, Krishna and the Figures on Easter Island
The Pioneer Plaques and their Dangers for Man
The Use of Crystals and Other Methods of Healing

Metaphysics 400 – Part 10
The Creation of Beings throughout the Universe

The Era of Human Cloning
Artificial Insemination
The Visibility of the Soul through Extraterrestrial Rays
Secret Missions
The Encasing of Black Vibrations
Resonance via the Morphogenetic Field
Inhabited Spheres
Charging Cells with God Energy
Thought Cleansing
The Aura as a Power Field
God is Light and His Light is the Carrier of Thoughts
The Creation and Expansion of New Universes
The Fundamental Law of Love and Cooperation

Metaphysics 400 – Part 11
1. Yin and Yang and 2. The New World Order

The Deeper Understanding of the Yin-Yang Principle
The Key Characteristics of Chinese Medicine
The Fourth and Fifth Dimension
The ‘Illuminati’ Today
Strategies of the New World Order
The Black Brotherhood
Hitler and His Involvement with Secret Experiments
Excurse: The Aldebaran Enterprise
The Role of Extraterrestrial Civilizations
Assignments and Tests of the Egyptian Federation
Enlightenment as Cleansing Process

Metaphysics 400 – Part 12
New Perspectives of Consciousness Expansion and
Completion of Module IV

Current Research with Hallucinogens
The Difference between ‘Designer Humans’ and Clones
Deceptions of the ‘Angel of Light’
Attraction to Elitism
More about Thought Power
Holographic Thinking
The ‘Blood’ of the Astral Body
Consciousness and the Realization of Truth
Special Message for Graduates of Module IV
Certificates of COMPLETION