Weddings and other Metaphysical Ceremonies

Rev. Dr. Anneli Driessen believes that your wedding is one of the most important events of your life. She works with couples to make it both beautiful and memorable, be it a large formal affair or a small intimate gathering.

Anneli believes that all people regardless of their spiritual beliefs or gender orientation should be supported and have the opportunity to come together in love and community and in a way that is comfortable for them to celebrate unions, weddings, renewal of vows and other joyous transitional events. She firmly believes that there is only one God who created all humans in his likeness, and who loves all humans equally. Therefore, she welcomes the LGBT community offering same gender weddings and other important life ceremonies.

The person conducting your ceremony should be someone with whom you are comfortable, someone who will conduct the service exactly the way YOU want. Rev. Dr. Driessen offers ceremonies that can be conventional, spiritual but not "religious," strictly secular or a celebration with Metaphysical or New Thought components. She works with participants to create the vows and ceremony that best fit you as individuals, a couple and/or family. Each ceremony is uniquely crafted and can include traditions from many cultures or ethnicities to make this special day all your own.

Dr. Driessen is a licensed ordained metaphysical Minister and member of the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry. She holds a PhD in Educational Psychology, a PhD in Metaphysical Coaching, is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and has acquired an additional PhD in Holistic Life Coaching.

“I would be honored to perform your wedding or other spiritually-focused ceremony,” says Rev. Dr. Driessen. “My goal, as a Metaphysical Minister, is to provide a service that reflects your individuality, your beliefs and your commitments through a ceremony in which you are comfortable and gives you meaning.”