Keynote Speakers, Seminars and Spiritual Retreats

The following public presentations have been delivered in the past. They are available as Keynote Speeches, Presentations, Workshops or Retreats upon request.

Is there a God? - Prove it! - God and the Church

LOVE – How Can I Love More?

The White Brotherhood – God’s New Guild

Help! - Do I have an Indigo Child?

How to be a Spiritual Leader – Can You be One?

How to have Your Wishes Come True - Beyond the Law of Attraction

Long and Happy Living – Knowledge is Power

How to Manifest – Three-hour Public Workshop

Letting Go of Blocks – Three-hour Public Workshop

I have had Enough! – New Information about Letting Go

What is “LOVE” Anyway?

A Spiritual Rights Code of the Soul?

Extraterrestrials: YES or NO?

"God?"- Answers to Age-old Questions

What is "Intelligent Design"?

Future Predictions for 2006 - a Critical Overview

Spiritual Energy Depletion

What is "Spiritual Intelligence"?

Who was “Jesus”? - New Groundbreaking Information from the Beyond

Believing is Seeing – How do I do that?

Cults and Sects – Their Hidden Agenda and the Cost to You

Future Predictions – Update

Who or What is “God”?

Have You Ever Seen Angels, Spirits or “Ghosts”? What is the Difference?

Sex and Spirituality

How did We Get to This Planet?

UFOs and Life in the Universe

Is God Fair?

New Spiritual Information about the Dangers of Organ Donation

Stability of Our Future

New Information about Meditation, Hypnosis, Soul Travel and Remote Viewing

New Spiritual Information with Questions and Answers

How to Recognize Quality Mediums and Spirit Entities

The Dilemma of Meeting Your Twin-Soul

Maximizing Your Intuitive Power

Seven Secrets to Spiritually-based Leadership

Secrets to Abundant Living

How to Make a Wish List to the Universe

Loving Relationships II - Sex, Lies and Prostitution

Loving Relationships I - Perspectives from the Beyond

Future Predictions for the 21st Century

How to Recognize a Quality Medium - Ethical Considerations

The Myth of Adam and Eve - The Origin of Man

Theobald’s Information about God

Protecting Yourself from Negative Energies

Life in the Universe - About Spirits, Angels and Other Intelligent Life

Information from and Communication with the Beyond – Fact or Fiction?

What Happens After I Die?

Why are We “Here”?

Prophecies for the New Millennium - A Critical Look at Future Predictions

How to take Care of, Protect and Honor Your Soul

New Information about Chakras