Tired of all the 'Spiritual Hype'?

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Do you find the majority of current 'spiritual' programs mostly hype without depth or quality? Do you have questions about life, God and the Universe for which you haven't found satisfying answers? The International Metaphysical Academy’s one-year Graduate ProgramTM offers spiritually-oriented students of all levels the opportunity to study unparalleled, cutting-edge spiritual information which will benefit both your daily life and your eternal Soul. This information is not available anywhere else in North America.

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Tuition is tax deductable as Graduates of the Academy's Program qualify to become ordained as Metaphysical Ministers, if they so desire, through the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry (CIMM) to perform weddings and other ceremonies in the Province of British Columbia and various other Canadian Provinces.

Module I - First Year Academy Curriculum

Module I (Parts 1 to 12) includes: *
· Foundation - Basic Knowledge about the History of the Metaphysical Academy
· New Knowledge about Death and the Transition Process
· The Parallel World - Steps and Levels
· The 8 Levels of Consciousness
· The Connection between Karma, Fate, Accidents and Free Will
· Successful Application of Energy-Related Abilities
· Soul Constellations, Soul Families and Soul Polarities
· The Difference between Spirit and Soul
· Spirit Possessions and Spirit Releasement
· High and Ascended Masters, Avatars and Yogis: their Roles and Purpose - and their Dangers
· How to deal with Universal Knowledge
· Integration and Application of New Spiritual Knowledge for Everyday Living

*A detailed, lesson-by-lesson outline of over 90 specific topics is available to anyone interested upon request. They are Subject to continuous development and improvement.

Also included: Summary, year-end retrospective, Certificate of Completion with unique meditation techniques to facilitate the letting go of old blocks and attachments.